Earthwise Lebanon

We are a new chapter branching out from Project Aquascope, located in Beirut, Lebanon. Following the recent explosion, we are especially passionate about spreading environmental awareness and education in our country!


"The biggest challenge we will have to face is the environmental crisis that has already begun. Not doing what’s necessary to solve this issue is practically destroying our society and condemning future generations. I believe saving our environment should be the top priority for everyone."


"It saddens me to see how careless we are towards our planet, which we call home. Would we destroy our own household deliberately? I don't think we would. This applies to our mother nature as well. Let us all unite and fix what we started."


"I have a close relationship with the environment because I see myself and every one of us as a part of it; the environment is as unique as each one of us, so by destroying it we are doing the same to ourselves, to one another, and to the future of the human race on this planet."


"I see that a lot of people either choose to ignore, or aren't conscious of the fact that our planet is dying. I think that spreading climate/environmental knowledge around our community in Lebanon to inform future generations to protect the environment is a huge step in the right direction."


"Earth has given humans so much over time: more than anyone and anything. It is time we unite and give our planet the same care we would provide a human being. Rather than contributing to the degradation of our world, I aspire to be at a place where the environment doesn’t even need protection, because our systems and habits as a human race are compatible with the health of this planet."


"Our environment is the one thing all of us share and instead of preserving it, we are destroying it and refusing to deal with the consequences. I think we need to relearn how to be human and treat our environment with compassion."